• 2 Years Or 20000KM Warranty
  • SYM World Wide


The Moving Arrow – Dynamic to the future

The moving arrow of  Sanyang Motorcycle (SYM) logo signifies the advertising industrial technology that SYM has been constantly incorporating when developing products.

The arrow not only suggests our persistence on innovative technology but also displays the idea of steering toward the future and discovering the world with imaginative mindsets, adventurous spirits and creative thoughts. Through these exquisite sensational experience in connection with our products, SYM is with everyone for life time, life needs, and life styles.




Ability and dare to adherence

The strength of our corporate philosophy drive us adhere toward professional manufacturing technology, products durability and continuous competitiveness.



The active qualities of human benevolence

In an industry dominated by mere observance of external standards, we strive to go beyond compliance to actively integrate our deep care for life into what we do and make.



A natural attraction of similar things

Our company and products draw people who share the same values, creating relationships based on understanding of our customers, partners and employees that can only come because we are like them. We believe what they believe.


Always fill life with power

The vitality of life push us forward and show it in our employees and all our location.



Imaginative productivity

We are driven to build a uniqueness into all we are and do that cannot be easily copied, because it is grounded in a creative way of thinking that continually generates new ideas and new ways of working.